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Friday, September 3, 2010

13th Week Check-Up

On Monday, August 23rd I was scheduled for my 13th week baby check-up. My OBGYN, Dr. Smith, and I had decided to also roll in my women's annual exam into this same appointment. Rett and I had discussed that this was an appointment he wouldn't have to meet me. Dr. Smith had a hard time finding the baby's heartbeat with the Doppler device so I got to see the baby again via the ultrasound. The baby was laying on its back with his hands in front of his face and jumping up and down. Baby Oesch had grown so mcuh, almost doubled, since we had had our 8 week ultrasound.

After we had fun looking at the baby and determining all was healthy, we moved onto my health check-up. Dr. Smith found a lump in my left breast and immediately sent me to the Breast Health Center at Missouri Baptist Hospital. I went upstairs hoping they would take me as a walk-in for a breast ultrasound and that the ultrasound would confirm that the lump was just my body reacting to the pregnancy.

Within two hours, I had received the ultrasound and two biopsies, one on the lump and another on my lymphnodes. It was the most terrifying two hours. I was alone (until Rett raced to the hospital before my biopsy), scared, not sure about my future health and how this was all going to affect my baby's health. Dr. Hamill was great as he kept me calm and walked me through the biopsies step by step. He explained to me that the ultrasound had shown two areas of concern, those in which were biopsied and that the lab would be able to give us the answer to the looming question- was it benign or malignent?

I left the hospital that afternoon to go home, take care of my post-biopsy areas and await for the news.

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