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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

24 hours Post 1st Treatment

I am not sure how I was expecting to feel, but the way I felt today was not it. I was expecting to feel worn down, tired, nauseated. After battling insomnia for 2 hours last night (BTW, there is nothing good on TV between 3 AM -5 AM. Thank goodness Early Today finally came on!) I woke up at 7 AM and felt energized and ready to tackle the day.

I went to work today and worked a 7.5 hour workday. I am not sure if it is the steroids that I am taking that are pumping me up, or if I will crash tomorrow, or if this is all a good sign of things to come throughout my chemo treatment.

It was nice to get out of the house, not be at the hospital, and have other items to distract my mind for a bit today. I like a routine and was glad to get a piece of my usual routine back today.

I had a bit of a headache last night - a side effect- of the nausea prevention medicine however it was gone when I woke up today. My face and chest have a bit of a reddish color while my arms and hands look really washed out. Not the ideal tan from the sun goddess that I am :) I guess these are all odd side effects of the AC chemo drugs that I have for the next 3 treatments.

I can't keep saying thank you enough for all the calls, emails, texts, etc that all my family, friends, and co-workers have sent. It is great to hear the words of encouragement, the stories of how their loved ones got through their battle with cancer, and how my strong and positive attitude will prevail.

OB Team- Thanks for the beautiful flowers that arrived at the office today. What a beautiful way to brighten my desk for my first day back.

Aubree and Taylor- Your flowers are still being held hostage at the neighbors' house. Hopefully we can retrieve them tomorrow.

Love to all,


  1. Jenna - I just wanted you to know that Ryan and I are thinking of you and praying for you and Rett and baby. Please let us know if there's ever anything we can help with. We love you guys.
    Sara McCarty


    CHESTERFIELD, MO | Thurs Sept 9, 2010 7:52 CST

    Neighbors on the 1400 block of Royal Brook Drive have released a bouquet of flowers 26 hours after they were taken hostage in the western suburb of Chesterfield, MO, police said on Thursday evening. "The flowers have been released. They are now possessed by their rightful owners," St. Louis Chief of Police, Dan Isom said.

    UPDATE (8:03 CST) Details have yet to be provided regarding the overall condition of the flowers after the 26-hour ordeal, although an eye-witness reported that they appeared to have been provided with sufficient amounts of water and nutrients. It is not immediately clear if a ransom was paid.

  3. They have been properly restored to their rightful owner. Although a bit thirsty and searching for sunlight, they are now being properly cared for. Very beautiful but not as beautiful as the note that came with them. Love you guys!