30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebrate the Small Wins!

As my brother told me this morning, "we need to celebrate the small wins!" and that is what we are doing this morning. My BRAC test came back NEGATIVE! Woo Hoo!

Off to my first chemo treatment. After today, I will only have 15 more treatments until we get to meet Baby Oesch!

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. They are working!


  1. Dear Jenna,

    I am now a eleven year survivor of breast cancer. I did the surgery, chemo, and radiation. This November I will be walking my second 3day 60 mile walk for breast cancer. I will include you on my list of people that have survived and live a wonderful life.
    My thoughts are with you.
    Cheryl Cannon (Dad and Silke's freind from TX)

  2. Rett, old friend, I recently heard about the battle that you all are fighting, and you, Jenna, and your precious baby have been in my prayers daily. I also have a friend, that I would LOVE to put you in touch with. She is a friend from high school, lives in St. Louis, and was also pregnant during her breast cancer fight. I think she could be a wonderful resource and source of strength for you all. Drop me an email (db.harris@mac.com) and I can get you all in touch.
    Blessings and Healing,

  3. Yeah for the negative BRAC test!