30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Day the News Came

Tuesday, August 24th. I wasn't expecting to hear from any of my doctors until the next day. So, I woke up still recovering from the biopsies to work from home. Rett had gone to work as well. The phone rang around 12:15 PM and it was Dr. Smith. She was calling to tell me that she had received teh results back from the lab and that the news was not good. The results came back as malignent and I had breast cancer.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What does that mean? What lies ahead? What does this mean for my pregnancy? What do I do next?

I was alone sitting at my kitchen table and all I could do was cry and scream! I had to call Rett at work. I asked him to come home ASAP and to drive carefully. I didn't tell him the news on the phone but he knew. My next phone call was to my mom. I didn't know how I was going to tell her that her daughter had breast cancer and that I needed her to come to St. Louis. Before I knew it she was on her way to St. Louis, thanks to wonderful friends that volunteered to drive her as she was too upset to drive.

Once Rett got home we held eachother and cried. He told me he loved me and that we would do whatever it took to battle this to make me healthly again. Rett is my rock.

Dr. Smith has told me that a team of Missouri Baptist (Mo Bap) doctors would be meeting to review my case first thing Wednesday morning and that I would begin my consultations that morning as well. It was so much to take in. I was entering a brand new world, new terminology, new doctors and new treatments.

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