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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 and Day 7 "Yucks"

I am admitting up front that I am stealing the term "yucks" from my new friend, Jodi Allen. Jodi and I haven't met in person (yet!) but she and I were destined to meet.

Before I started my chemotherapy, the thought of entering the Infusion Center was so frightening. It was in the basement of the hospital; it had multiple beds lined up across the room with cancer patients getting treatments. It was what seemed to be the loneliest place on the planet.

I was visiting Barb at the Cancer Support Center on the Wednesday before my treatments began and after we got to talking she said that I reminded her of another patient that just happened to be there that day and she insisted that we meet. As we walked back into the Infusion Center all I could think about was how badly I didn't want to be there and how unfair it was that God had chosen me to take this path with Him.

When we turned around the corner I noticed a fully clad-clown (Jodi's friend) and volunteers with clown noses. Unfortunately I was not able to meet Jodi that day as she was with her doctor but I got to see another side to the Infusion Center and it helped prepare me for my first treatment. (As you know from an earlier post, the Mizzou Day was a hit!) 
Jodi called me on Friday and we connected right from the beginning. She lives about 1 mile from me, has two small children, just finished treatment #12, she has great friends at Monsanto and she and her friends are the hit of Wednesdays at the treatment center!  Jodi started off on the third drug that I will receive and she transitions next week into the AC drug that I am currently taking. So unbeknownst to me I have been able to provide a few useful tips to her as well.

One of those tips is that Day 6 and Day 7 just plain SUCK. They are the "Yucks". As noted earlier the side effects hit me like a ton of bricks. I was out of the office for two days wondering when I would get my spunk back. I could barely concentrate on the screen of my blackberry (and that doesn't happen often).

Waking up this morning and feeling good, healthy and energized was amazing. I have learned in a very short time how important it is to cherish every minute I have that I feel good.

So, I took extra time on my hair today. I took a picture because I wanted to have a photo of before it fell out, before I would have to shave it and before the wig came off the mannequin head that I have so oddly sitting on my bathtub.
Rett and I also spent some time together before he headed off to a guys' night out. We purchased the new iPod Nano for the nursery, we ordered our nursery furniture (in espresso and with Sweet Lambie Pottery Barn Kids collection) and I went to Dierberg's to purchase his lemon birthday cake with lemon icing! It will be a double decker cake when I am done with it! Love, Jenna


  1. You look beautiful Jenna! And I love what you picked out for the nursery. God bless you and know that you are in my prayers. You are such an incredible woman.

  2. Beautiful crib choice Jenna... and you look great. Attitude is everything and I know you'll be pushing through it all after reading this post!

  3. You look terriic Babe--but wait till we all get to see the strawberry blonde Jenna!! The furniture looks terrific--what a great home you and Rett are providing for our little "Brooksie"--you may have to explain the nickname!!

    Love you Babe!


  4. Love you Jenna! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way, and I'm so encouraged to see the wonderful support all around you. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. - Jill Johnson