30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Pi Phi Girl!

One silver lining in being pregnant and having breast cancer is that we will receive more frequent ultrasounds allowing us to see and check-up more frequently on the health and growth of Baby Oesch.

Today, we had a 17 week ultrasound. Baby Oesch is 6 oz, 7 inches with a heart rate of 148 bpm.

The ultrasound technician confirmed Baby Oesch was healthy and growing at the proper rate. We got to check up on the brain hemispheres, liver, kidneys, bladder, stomach, spine, and arm, hand and leg bones. And then came the big news.........Baby Oesch is a Baby Girl!

I think she might take after her mom and become a gymnast because she was doing somersaults throughout the entire ultrasound. Or maybe a boxer, because her arms and legs didn't stop moving!

Here are some great pictures of our baby girl.

Look at that cute button nose.

Here she is searching for her thumb. She might have already found it!

And here she is waving hello to mom and dad!


Rett is already looking forward to Pi Phi Pop's Weekend Fall 2029 at Mizzou with all the other future Pi Phi Dads! Lullabies are quickly sounding like sidewalk songs!

Love, Jenna and Rett and Fannie Whitenack Libbey


  1. So exciting!! Yay for a little girl!

  2. You crack me up! SInce you are thinking of "E" names, you can name her Emma Brownlee Kilgore!

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  4. You'll have a little angel on your hands :) I love that Rett is already planning for Pi Phi Pop's weekend 2029! Congrats to you both, so exciting!

  5. Congratulations on expecting a little Princess! What a beauty she is already. Look out Rett.......you're out numbered now.

  6. Congrats!
    Jennie Horne Turnbull

  7. Jenna, so happy for you! Maybe our girls (baby girl Wilburn due 2-11 as well) can pledge together. :) I didn't realize what you are going through with the cancer until I saw your blog link on FB. You will constantly be in our prayers! I'm from a family of fighters (2 grandmas, 2 aunts have WON the battle with breast cancer), and I know you can do it, too!! God bless, Chrissy (Long) Wilburn

  8. Fannie is a cutie!! I read this post the other day, but I just caught that! Ha!