30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Starting Chemotherapy

Baby Oesch and I will look very similar when he/she is delivered as they have told me that I will lose my hair. I went to the hospital to try on wigs and got mine ordered. The Cancer Center at Mo Bap has a wonderful program where they provide each patient with a complimentary wig, cancer support programs and a library of resources.

My doctor has prepared me for losing my hair beginning around the 21st of September. This is a very emotional thing for me as I just want to look normal. I don’t want to look sick and I want to live a normal life during all of my treatments. I still have not figured out why God chose me for this bump in the road but I will continue to seek that out. My hair should begin to start growing back soon after the Baby’s delivery as the radiation, second round of chemo (different drug) and hormones don’t have this side effect.

My first chemotherapy treatment is Tuesday and I have wonderful friends and family that are going to join me at the center to keep me company.

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