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Monday, September 13, 2010

Look Good. Feel Good.

I am headed to the hospital this morning for my first cancer support center event. It is called "Look Good. Feel Better." There I will meet with makeup artists and other cancer patients to learn how to look and feel great throughout the chemotherapy.

I am going to learn about skin care, applying eyelashes and eyebrows with makeup techniques, etc.

It has now been 5 days since my first treatment, one of those days without the steroids and I am still feeling great! Rett and I have been going on walks up and down the street as my port is not completely healed yet. It helps me keep a bit active and get out in this great weather we have been having.

My face has begun to breakout a little from the chemo and I have lost about 3 pounds. Whoever thought that I would be concerned about the losing weight side effect? However I just want to make sure my baby is growing at a normal rate and pace, especially since the third chemo drug that begins in about 11 weeks has premature labor and low birth weights as potential side effects.

Rett and I will be visiting Dr. Smith next week for a 17 week ultrasound and check-up next Monday. Silver lining: we get to see our baby more often!


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