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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty is Definitely on the Outside

It is very noble of us all to say that beauty comes from within, and it does, but it comes from the outside too.

If this weren't true the cosmetics industry wouldn't be what it is. I wouldn't be brand loyal to my Maybelline mascara or my MAC powder. I wouldn't have religiously gone to the beauty salon every 10-12 weeks for a highlight and haircut and I would have saved a lot of money at the mall.

However, every morning, we wake up, get in the shower and go through our entire regimen to looks good on the outside. But looking good on the outside builds confidence in the inside.

And that is why I spent the money that I did on my "new hair" that will be accompanying me through my journey. The doctor told me I would have 10-14 days after my first treatment until I lost my hair, but my follicles fought hard and lasted 18 days!

It was Saturday afternoon and Rett and I had a 2:00 wedding to attend. I got into the shower to go through the routine listed above. I began washing my hair and it was coming out all over the place. I had strands in my hands, all over the drain, so I began to think that I was prolonging the inevitable.

Rett and I prepared shop. We laid down an old sheet, wrapped a towel around my shoulders and sat me down in a chair from the basement. At this time we had about 30 minutes to get my head shaved, "hair" on, get dressed and start driving downtown. It ended up being a blessing in disguise as Rett and I had about 2 minutes to cry and hold each other, and then we had to get down to business.

Bring on the 3/4" guard (men will know what this is; but a guard is set to the blade to keep 3/4" of hair ontop of my head)! Hair was everywhere! It was on the floor, on me, on Rett and some made it into the trashcan. And then I looked into the mirror...and I was a Chia Pet!

My hair was gone; the hair that was just getting so full of bounce and shine from the pregnancy; the hair that helped define my outer beauty.

I debuted my new hair at the wedding and at work on Monday. I am still getting used to the fact that I have to put on my new hair everyday. But I know that the day will come that it will feel natural and add to my self confidence once again.

In the meantime, I do still have the nubbins of hair atop my head but it continues to thin. I learned a tip from another survivor to take a lint roller and rub onto my head; and this has become Rett's new favorite hobby.


  1. Jenna I just loved your hair! As I said last night, you have really inspired me to go darker because it looks so great on you!! I know it's obviously not your "preferred" look (of course you want your old hair back) but in all honesty you look spectacular!! Keep up the amazing attitude!

  2. You look fabulous! And you still look like "you." LOVE it!

  3. Your new hair looks fabulous! You look great.

  4. This gave me goosebumps, so did Rett's post a few days ago. Thinking of you often- you are such an inspiration and reminder to just focus on what really matters- those you love. Thanks for including us in your journey- you have tons of support and prayers heading your way!

  5. I LOVE the hair Jenna, lovely! As always, thank you for sharing this journey...it has been a beautiful blessing to read your posts.

  6. You are truly amazing! Thank you for sharing your life and journey. I feel truly blessed.

  7. jenna, i was in kc when you wrote this post. kara knew i was following your blog and she asked me if i'd read this yet. the thought of you having just two minutes to get it all out before getting on with it really stuck with me. i just read this post and starting crying on the first sentence of that paragraph. you are REALLY strong and rett is really amazing and sounds hilarious! i think your hair looks AWESOME and you can't even tell it's "new." you're glowing! keep staying strong! hugs!