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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chemo Treatment #2 Completed

Yesterday was chemo treatment #2. It was Pink Theme Day! And now we only have 14 more to go until we meet Baby Girl Oesch!

Natalie, Molly, Laura, Lindsey and Rett with me wearing our Pink Star Glasses!

Jan and Rett with Pink Star Glasses!

We had pink lemonade and pink long john's. Here is a picture of our tongues after eating the pink icing off the doughnuts. Thanks again to everyone for coming and sitting and helping me pass the 4 hours at the hospital. Lindsey, thanks for the goodies to keep my feet warm; Molly- thanks for the new tumbler to keep me hydrated; Jen- thanks for the fancy pedicure shoes...let's go get one; Jan- thanks for the pink blanket to snuggle with and keep me warm!

Also, not sure where or why I decided to purchase those hot pink heels but they sure worked out perfectly yesterday!

Will, Cora and Avery (my nephew and nieces) posed for a picture to wish me well.
Should be a great few days as I am back on the steroids. Rett and I are headed to the Cardinals game this afternoon with the Monsanto tickets. Thanks to everyone for the continued support, love and thoughts and prayers.

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