30, Pregnant and Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Husband's Perspective: Volume 1

When Jenna first told me about the Blog she said that it should be about us and not just her. She kept telling me that she really wanted me to write and help her tell our story. So here we go.

As you all have seen so far my wife is an amazing woman. I don't think anyone could have approached this time with more courage, strength, and positive outlook as she has. I have always thought of myself as a strong person but over the past month I have learned that my wife is much stronger than I am. The day the news came was the worst day of my life. The worst part of it was the not knowing. How bad was it? What is going to happen to the baby? What was her treatment going to be? These were all questions that ran through my mind night and day. As the family knows I don't sleep a whole lot. I get up pretty early to go to work but that first week there wasn't much sleep at all. I would be able to fall asleep but when I would wake up there was no going back because of all of the thoughts running through my head. Things started getting better when we started meeting with Jenna's team of doctors. They have all been great. I thank God everyday that Dr. Smith was able to find the tumor. The first day I saw her after she found it I hugged her and was driven to tears telling her "Thank you". Once the doctors laid out exactly what Jenna's plan was going to be I could immediately sense a change in her. Ever since our first date I knew that this was a woman who always had a plan. She gets on me sometimes because I will wait till the last minute to plan something, but not her. She has set out with a determination and attitude that I wish I could have. She said in one of her posts that I am her rock. How come I feel like jello sometimes. I can not thank all of you enough for the cards, notes, meals, etc. that you have given her in support. I only hope one day that we can give back to all of you what you have given us. It is unfortunate that something like this has to happen but when you see the response from everyone it reminds you of how lucky you are. I am planning on keeping writing from time to time and adding to the Blog. I love you guys and thanks for everything. Keep the prayers and thoughts coming. They are working.



  1. We love you both. You're such a wonderful husband for Jenna. In times like these, your love will grow stronger with such gratitude that I already hear in your posting. God bless you both.

  2. Hey Rett(Jenna and baby Oesch),
    Mike Reynolds (from Florida). MJ shared this link with me and I will add you guys to my prayer list. I read and I wept. I know this much; God has a plan for your family and prayer is the greatest thing I can do for Jenna, the baby and you. Your family (Jenna and you) will have a great story to share with your daughter many years from now. Your baby girl has already began blessing your family with love and support, your daughter has already been such a great support in Jenna's journey, together mother and daughter through thick and thin... Rett, you are much stronger than you think, God built you to be the rock that Jenna is talking about. He has blessed your family beyond our comprehension. I hope that your journey is one that you find hope and happiness in; Jenna's post on 'Attitude' is a perfect picture of finding joy in all situations. Please keep writing and I will keep reading and praying. Keep posting sonogram pictures too, those are the best!
    Take care and may God continue to bless your family,